What Cooks Are Saying...


"I used to feel pain whenever cutting up vegetables on my high kitchen counter and cooking on my stove. I bought 2 Cooking Stages and put one in front of the counter and the stove.  Now it’s easy to prepare food and cook. I can see the food I am stirring in the wok more easily.  I really like the mat too. I can’t imagine not using the Cooking Stage since it really helps me. Great product!" – Cathy W.


"This stage is one of the most beneficial things I've ever bought for my kitchen. I can cook now without burning my arms. If you're short like me and you're doing more cooking while staying safer at home, you'll appreciate having one of these to make it easier." - Martha M.


"I am impressed with the Cooking Stage. Its large size gives me a lot more confidence to really get into my cooking.  I got used to being too short for my stove!  Thanks for giving me a different view and way to cook. I love the mat too with bare feet – very comfortable.  Thank you!" – Valeri S.


"My wife and I just had twins. My wife is 5’.   We bought the Cooking Stage to use by the crib to help put the babies in and out of the crib.  It helps a lot.  Now she wants one for the washer and the stove." – Francisco R.



"I use this next to my baby's crib, now that the mattress is lowered. It hurt to lean over the railing to set him down, so having a few extra inches of height makes a huge difference. I keep it about halfway under the crib, so it's not sticking out into the room, and it works perfectly."


"I am short, this deck is great for me and makes it much easier to cook and work in the kitchen."



"Very sturdy and same size as stove. Works great when cooking. Not to heavy so it can be moved out of the way when taller people are doing the cooking."



"We used the kitchen step stool as a step for my father who, because of leg pain, was having trouble getting into bed. It has helped him so much! The height and the overall size is perfect for my dad who is a very big man."



"My wife is not tall so it was a little bit difficult to work in the kitchen; however, this product brought a smile to her face. I plan on purchasing another one. Thanks."



"I purchased this for my very petite daughter who has trouble reach into the kitchen sink to do dishes, etc. This has been very helpful to her, gave her just enough of a boost to take the discomfort off her back from the constant reaching. Stable too!"



"I bought this for my daughter in law who needed a little step up for her kitchen sink. In their recently purchased home the counter top at sink area is bar height. This is a little high for her short stature so she needed something raised but not too high. This has done the trick. I liked that it was longer than regular step stool, not easy to accidently step off and it is not too high. She is very pleased with it."



What Chefs Are Saying...


“The Cooking Stage is great for visibility! I don't feel like I'm peering over the edge of a pot, I can see into everything going on. One of my favorite perks is that my face no longer gets splashed with hot oil from the stove. It absolutely helps me cook better, and even spending a few days without it I feel a significant difference.” – Talia F.



“I have been a culinary teacher for 25 years. I have rotator cuff injuries and trying to avoid surgery, as a result of being 5" tall and doing a tremendous amount of knife skills and kitchen work, for the students in demonstrations. I saw a small blurb in the Food Network Magazine about your product and was soooo excited!!!! I have been telling everyone for years that all I need is someone to build me a platform about 4" tall, so I don't hurt so bad! I am hopeful this product will be a solution to my problem. I have them strategically placed around my kitchen lab in the school and I bought one for home. I may need another small one though...I forgot about a difficult area in my home. Thank you so much for remembering the "little" chefs! " – Ronna P.



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