What Cooks Are Saying...


I used to feel pain whenever cutting up vegetables on my high kitchen counter and cooking on my stove. I bought 2 Cooking Stages and put one in front of the counter and the stove.  Now it’s easy to prepare food and cook. I can see the food I am stirring in the wok more easily.  I really like the mat too. I can’t imagine not using the Cooking Stage since it really helps me. Great product! – Cathy W.


What a great idea!  I think this is very helpful for shorter woman like me. I really like using it. - Chi Z.


I am impressed with the Cooking Stage. Its large size gives me a lot more confidence to really get into my cooking.  I got used to being too short for my stove!  Thanks for giving me a different view and way to cook. I love the mat too with bare feet – very comfortable.  Thank you! – Valeri S.


My wife and I just had twins. My wife is 5’.   We bought the Cooking Stage to use by the crib to help put the babies in and out of the crib.  It helps a lot.  Now she wants one for the washer and the stove.  – Francisco R.



I’m 4’ 11”, so this is going to help. I was very disappointed in my new stove because it was just too high to see what I was cooking.  So again, thank you! I was surprised how well made it is, and very sturdy. I think I’m going to keep this large Cooking Stage.  I’m excited to finally be able to see in my pots when I’m cooking.  Thank you for having such a great product.


I have not contacted the seller, but the product is way better than was depicted in the picture. It is sturdy, spacious to change steps while attending to the stove and it is just the great height level that one does not have to look down every time to step on and off. This is very satisfactory and the greatest stove step stool that I have ever had.



Very heavy duty and comfortable on the feet. Mom loves it.



We use the step outdoors .... our porch step leading into the house is almost 9” high. The step is sturdy and large enough for adults to use it easily and confidently. We all use it .... our Shih-tzu especially loves it!



Perfect for what I wanted. Helps my grandson see out the window safely. Helps me climb into my too high bed. Might get another one!



Sturdy product, very stable, looks nice, matches the width of my frigidaire stove; love the rounded edge; function as it should be. It's much comfortable to cook and easier to operate my over-the-range microwave now.



Awesome product very well made. High quality materials. Very pleased with the finish too.



What Chefs Are Saying...


I’m a sushi chef and shorter than the other chefs.  I get wrist problems sometimes from long busy shifts and being too short for the counter.  I bought the Cooking Stage and since I started using it I can prepare food all night.  My customers remark at my new height too.  Great product and it’s easy to clean. – Koki M.



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